Grief, Loss, Redemption, and Glory

Grief, Loss, Redemption, and Glory

Over the past few months, I’ve been writing about grief a lot. I’m not quite sure what the writings will become, but I wanted to share an excerpt with you. 2018 has been an incredibly painful year for a lot of people I know. I’ll throw my hat into that ring as well. Yes, there has been good this year. I experienced some of the sweetest moments of my life this year, and some of the richest experiences with God I have yet. This has also been a year in which I have been connected to more loss, grief, death, and sadness than other years.

Why We Go Back

I'm sitting in a room with about 50 people I don’t know. The people range in age from early 20s to late 60s. I think there were a few millionaires, and there were a few people who were bankrupt. Everyone was there because we had some unsolved issues that are taking us down paths we don’t want to walk any longer. But for some reason, we keep walking down those same paths again and again. Our guide on this weekend asks a question.

Living From A Place of Strength

I don't like feeling or appearing weak. I like to be strong. Over the past four months, God has been working on some specific things in my life. One of the things God has been working on the most with me is becoming more comfortable with being myself in the highs and lows of life. Everyone has high points and low points. My challenge was letting myself feel okay with expressing where I'm at with people.

12 Ways To Become More Teachable

I believe most of us like to learn, grow, and become better than we were yesterday. The problem some people run into is that they don't know where to start. When we don't know where to begin, things become muddy, and we can quickly get stuck. Teachability is an area that almost everyone can grow in, but few strive after it. Remember, learning now is a great investment for your future. Here are my twelve keys to becoming more teachable.

7 Reasons To Be More Teachable

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is teachability. If you don't learn, you won't get better. Without meaning to go in this direction, we can quickly be sideswiped by the ever-present EGO. Your pride can limit your learning. If you want to grow, the best way to do this is to posture yourself to being teachable. However, you may not be convinced. Today, I want to encourage you with 7 reasons you should be teachable.