Cultivate Growth: Sowing and Reaping

Sowing and Reaping are eternal principles: You reap what you sow. This is something I read in Scripture, but it goes beyond that. This applies in every sphere of our lives. Here are three principles I have found true.

  1. What you sow is what will grow. If you want to grow corn, you don’t plant potatoes. If you want to reap deeper relationships, then don’t sow gossip or negativity into other people. If you want to reap financial stability, don’t sow random spending as a habit of your life. If you want to reap sales for your business, you won’t get there simply by writing out your ideas and strategies – contact some people and sell.
  2. Where you sow is where it will grow. If you have 2 fields and you sow corn into one field, don’t expect to find the abundance of corn in the other field. This has a lot to do with how we choose to spend our time. If you spend a lot of your time planting your time in the fields of Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix, you can’t expect that the other fields of your life are going to grow in abundance. Some places provide reap beautiful harvests, and some places produce emptiness. You choose where you sow your time and effort, and where you sow is where it will grow.
  3. How much you sow is how much it will grow. If you sow a little, don’t expect a lot.
    Don’t expect abundance by planting just a little bit of what you have. Notice I didn’t say you have to have plant a lot to experience greater abundance. I said you have to plant a lot of what you do have, and if you only have a little, plant a lot of that. Remember, God doesn’t hold you accountable for what you don’t have, but for what you do have. Sowing generously allows you to reap a generous return. How can this impact your business this week? How can this principle help grow your relationships? What if you approach your giving from this perspective?

Can you imagine what might happen if you and I consistently plant faithfulness, hope, love, generosity, grace, and encouragement? Wouldn’t we reap more of these in our lives? What would it be like to experience these kinds of returns and rewards?

If you don't like what is growing, change what you are sowing.