The Clean Slate and The Blank Canvas

A blank canvas for you. A new era. A fresh chapter. This is the wind of the LORD, freshly blowing the old away and sending in hope like a militia to drive away cynicism, confusion, and doubt. 

Behold, I am doing a new thing:

Now it springs forth, so you not perceive it?

the clean slate-2.png

This is the newness. This moment is for you. Your calling? Incredible. Your mission? Significant. Your purpose? Extravagant. 

You are incredible. Fantastic. Fearlessly and wonderfully made. And you are so good at what God has called you to. 

Why did God give you all this? What does He need from you? He is all and is in all and in Him all things hold together. He, your God, is perfect. Everything He calls you to, He can do better than you. 

CEO. Leader. Speaker. Writer.

Musician. Investor. Entrepreneur.

So why does God call you? Why has He given you all of this?

Because God, your Father, loves to be with you. He loves to walk into your business, your courthouse, your church, your organization, your office, and your home until it becomes His business, His courthouse, His church, His organization, His office, and His it already is.

But what He really loves is to walk with you. To be with you. 

God enjoys you. 

God delights in you. 

God is proud to be seen with you. 


Your Father is happy when He is with you, and happiest when you are happy to be with Him.

And now, your Father I voted you into the deepest liberty you could ever know. To be free with Him. Yes, to let your heart be free with Hi . And to approach the blank canvas with Him, and create something beautiful with Him. 

Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.

Now is your time. And now is all you have. The past is history, the future is fantasy, but Jesus is present with you right now. 

Here. Now. 

You and your Father.

The fresh wind of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of our Lord Jesus on your life. 

Pick up your paint brush and paint something boldly.

Create something authentic and true. 

Write the next chapter with courage and faith. Step into all of the fear. Do it afraid.

Your life is a grace, a joy, and a delight.

You are significant.

You are so loved.

So loved. 

So loved.