Are You Living Your Best Life?

On a spring morning, I was having a coffee with a few friends as we watched the sunrise. One of my friends asked, "What do you think it means to be living your best life?" I think a lot of us are asking that question. For me, living my best life means that love hard, live full, lead strong, and laugh often. This is why I do what I do in life. Because I want to help people live their best lives.

This is why I speak to churches and at conferences. 


I speak to inspire change because of what happens when lives are changed for the better. I love to help unlock the potential inside of people so that they can create the life and results they want.What I hear most often from people is a quiet sadness. They wish they had the courage to take a risk and follow their dreams. The secret to courage, risks, and rewards is wrapped up in a question.

 "Who am I becoming in the process of my pursuits?"  

Greater risk can lead to greater rewards. When you think about living courageously, you and I both know it isn't just about receiving rewards. Some pursuits will entail success, and some  will necessitate failure. The process always leads you back into the space of who you are becoming.

I hope you become a person who loves hard, lives full, leads strong, and laughs often. I hope you take some risks and find some rewards. I hope you become a person who gives and receives grace. At the end of our days, I believe what we will hold on to most will be our faith, hope, and love. I'd love it if I can help you grow a bit more of these in your life.

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About David


David is an inspirational speaker who hoists sails and starts fires. For over a decade, he has been a sought-after communicator for events ranging from small gatherings in the mountains to crowds of thousands. He is known for his humorous delivery and passionate communication style. David is a storyteller, vision shaper, and connector. He holds a degree from Oklahoma Christian University. David loves climbing mountains, longboarding, and the Thunder. David is a frequent speaker for churches, events, and conferences. He is known for his passionate delivery, and humorous communication style. David serves on staff with Mosaic Personnel, an amazing company impacting lives.